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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 - Anyone Have a Crystal Ball?

Apparently, The Chronicle of Philanthropy does, as they are predicting a tough year for nonprofits, due to flat foundation grants and corporation giving. But, as they used to say in the publishing industry, "Flat is the new up."

My clients have experienced a tougher grants climate, no doubt about that. Coupled with cutbacks in California's funding of social services and education, that spells the need to get more sophisticated in your fundraising strategies. Here are a few of the successful strategies some organizations report as boosting their donations:

* Recruit new donors more aggressively. While it seems counterproductive to spend more in a down economy, over a few years, many nonprofits find giving is up, due to expanding their donor universe.

* Be more aggressive in winning back lapsed donors. As they say in business, your past customers are your best prospects. In many, many ways, they're qualified prospects, known to have an interest in your cause, be willing to donate, and perhaps have a vested interest in seeing their previous investment expanded.

* Make it easier to donate online. More visibility translates to more donations. And the place to have more visibility these days is on the Internet.

Hope your year-end returns are more than you had hoped for!

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