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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grant-seeking Tips & Updates

It's often in the fine print on foundation websites that you learn the most about what they're funding and looking for, and also about their grant cycles. Thorough research is key to winning grants; don't let yourself just salivate over the size of grants from a foundation that funds similar causes to yours. Dig in and find the hints and precedents that will help you hone your proposal and time it well.

Some foundation updates:

Alert: for those trying to upload an online application to the Thomas J. Long Foundation, the website appears to be down for the last few days. I have one in process and cannot get to the e-Grants area to continue to work on it, with a February 7 deadline approaching. The foundation has reported problems in the last two weeks with its site; I'm sure they'll be getting it fixed soon.

For those interested in applying to the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation, a big funding source in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay Area, you might have missed a key statement on the foundation's website announcing that the foundation is winding down its operations over a multi-year period, meaning that the size of grants may be larger than before:

To insure that the Foundation’s assets are distributed in the primary areas that the founders, Wayne and Gladys Valley, designated, and — equally as important — that grants are awarded on the basis consistent with the founders’ intentions, the Members have unanimously elected to wind-down and terminate the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation.

Due to the magnitude of the Foundation’s assets and to allow sufficient time to successfully complete the wind-down, a target date of September 2018 has been set. The Board of Directors and staff have been developing a Strategic Plan to accomplish the termination.

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